California Water Conservation Rebates

Drip Systems


Drip Systems are a very effective method of watering perimeter gardens, raised beds, fruit, vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, flowers, roses and even ground covers. I will provide water to the feet of each vegetation eliminating water being distributed where it is *NOT* needed.  This will also prevent weed growth between your beautiful landscape.  There are a multitude of emitters and and flow rates allowing the ability to give each plant exactly what it needs.

Here are a few tips to have a drip system last and be very effective.

  1. Drip systems should always be filtered water.
  2. Drip systems should always be pressure regulated.
  3. Drip systems should be concealed during installation. Concealing will prevent exposure from UV.  Moisture will also be retained much longer and will also demote weed growth by blacking out the sun.