Types of Sprinkler Systems For Lawn

Standard Spray Heads


This is still the most common heads found at our customers homes. It is the old standard and is not water efficient.  The common replacement to standard Heads are the water efficient heads. Mixing of heads is strongly discouraged

Gear Driven/Rotors


Gear driven heads also know as rotors are applicable in larger area yards, can project long distances, use a heavy GPM (gallons per minute) and rotate very slow requiring longer run times.

Water Efficient Heads


By far the newest standard in Residential Irrigation for lawns. Water efficient heads deliver a direct heavy bead of water, applied directly to the lawn. This method prevent run off and evaporation and is mesmerizing to watch.

Impact Heads


The heads that started it all.  Much less common in the greater Sacramento area.  They do create tripping hazards , however can be really effective in the correct application. Typically are made of steel and or brass.

Subsurface Irrigation


Subsurface Watering has advantages such as no broken heads to repair, very effective and water efficient,. Disadvantage is installation costs


Manual sprinkler head with hose.

This is an example of what you don't want.  This very wastefull, time consuming.  It is hard for a yard to thrive without consitency.