Yard Drain -Repair- Maintenance -Install

Yard Drains


If you have water puddles around your yard or if your lawn always feels wet, you have a drainage problem. Proper drainage is very important to healthy lawns and can keep water from getting to your home foundation. A Sprinkler Logic technician can evaluate the problem and offer the best solutions to prevent water backups in your yard. We can install new drainage pipes, repair or snake out, existing pipes, or even regrade them if needed. This is also a valuable step to prevent mosquitos from infesting your yard.

Repair, Maintenance or Install


There are multiple types of yard drains, varying in size, materials and type (area drains, French drains, trough drains) etc;  Most yard drains are also responsible for moving water from your roof/downspouts to city curbs. or what is acceptable to local ordinance. Sprinkler Logic is well versed and can help if you are experiencing flooding around your property.